Translatly is an agency affiliated with Visional Web Company, a legally incorporated entity based in El Salvador, Central America. Specializing in translation, transcription, and interpretation services, has accumulated over a decade of expertise in the field.

The agency initially provided translation services for respected church websites, enabling remote work opportunities and allowing for a balanced approach to caregiving responsibilities. Over time, Translatly has successfully collaborated on various AI projects with industry leaders such as PacteraEdge (now Centific) and Gientech.

With a wealth of experience across 40+ language pairs, including Afar, Chuukese, Kunama, Maori, Samoan, Songhoy, Soninke, Tamasheq, Temne, and Welsh, Translatly positions itself as a capable entity for handling diverse translation, transcription, proofreading, and localization projects.

In addition to core services, Translatly offers supplementary solutions such as transcriptions, subtitling, content creation, and data collection for AI projects, meeting the diverse needs of its clients. Whether undertaking AI or language-related projects, Translatly’s team consists of highly committed individuals, including full-time project managers dedicated to ensuring the success of each endeavor.

Adhering to a strategic growth roadmap, Translatly places an unwavering emphasis on maintaining quality standards. The agency implements Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) processes as the benchmark to remain competitive and distinguish itself with elevated levels of quality control. At the core of Translatly’s professional ethos is a commitment to delivering top-notch translation and interpretation services, ensuring that quality control remains a cornerstone of its operations.

Meet the team

A dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for simple pleasures, dogs, and coffee. Jeanette initially provided translation services for respected church websites, which allowed her the flexibility to work from home and care for her children. While the specific details about her identity and personal background are not provided in the given text, her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to balancing work and family responsibilities are evident in the narrative.

— Jeanette Bonilla | Founder and CEO

“Helping people in need to be understood in their native tongue. I am known to have attention to detail. Got a “blinky eye” kind of skill when it comes to proofreading. In my free time I love reading, writing, drawing.”

— Catalina Aguirre | COO & Language Project Manager|

“I’m a young, enthusiastic and faithful believer that we can do great things when we set our minds to it. Student and lover of nature, animals, landscapes and sunsets. Reader and self-taught by essence.”

— Alberto Hernandez | AI project manager

“Being an interpreter is far more than speaking two languages fluently. You must also convey the style and tone of the speaker. Living and studying in the USA gave me the experience I needed for this job. I appreciate every time someone asks me to be her/his interpreter on the next call. And when I’m not working, I volunteer in a worldwide teaching program. Also I enjoy activities like playing chess, traveling abroad, enjoying nature and baking.”

— Verónica de Dueñas, English | Spanish Interprete

“I interpret every day in the areas of Medicine, Legal, and Social Services, I undertand the importance of providing accurate interpretation in every case. Everyday I have something new to learn, and I love that. In my personal life I love watching movies with my husband, go visit my parents, and also love singing and painting..”

— Diana de Pajares, English | Spanish Interpreter

“I am constantly seeking out new opportunities to connect with clients who can benefit from our services. My expertise lies in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where I specialize in creating engaging visual and written content for Translatly aiming to enhance its online presence.”

— Luis Sarmiento | Chief Marketing Officer

“Years of experience in translation of all types of documents, mainly: environmental, legal, and general information. I am a proactive person, self-taught and in constant training to offer quality in my services. In my free time I love reading, doing crafts, singing and gardening.”

— Delma Bello, Structural Proofreader | Spanish-English Translator